Challenge Media Releases

Media Releases

May 12 2016 - Simon Bratton talks with NewsTalk ZB 

Listen to Dealer Co Chairman Simon Bratton as he speaks with NewsTalk ZB about the recent Commerce Commission announcement.


29 April 2016 - Announcement and clarification from Challenge service station network.

Dealer Co, the group of independent service station owners that operates the Challenge service station network, acknowledges the decision by the Commerce Commission to allow Z Energy to purchase Chevron’s non-exploration assets in New Zealand.

However, media reports following the announcement have generated confusion as to Challenge’s relationship with Chevron, which requires clarification.

Dealer Co Chairman, Simon Bratton says all Challenge sites are independently owned and operated by hard working New Zealanders. Despite what some media have reported today, Z Energy has not bought Challenge.

Challenge was formed in 1998 in an initiative by Fletchers, who saw an opportunity in the New Zealand fuel supply industry to create an independent retailer network. Chevron has never owned the Challenge service station network, a statement incorrectly reported today.

“Our network has always been local and loyal and built on traditional Kiwi values. We are proud to offer customers an independent Kiwi brand, delivering value for money along with personal, friendly service that our customers can enjoy,” Simon says.

“There will be no change to the Challenge brand and offer with the Z energy purchase of Chevron – it is business as usual for all Challenge sites.”

Chevron’s direct supplier/customer partnership with Challenge ceased in 2010, when the Challenge brand was licensed to Farmlands Fuel Limited.

Farmlands Fuel Limited is Chevron’s largest customer in the Asia Pacific region, reflecting a significant portion of Chevron New Zealand’s total fuel volume. Farmlands Fuel Limited received early assurances from Z Energy that they would remain a priority customer, should the Commerce Commission vote in Z’s favour.

Regardless, Challenge will continue to be the independent, 100% Kiwi-owned alternative – proud to bring local values and service to its customers nationwide.