Challenge Waitara

Cnr McLean & Browne Streets, Waitara, New Plymouth

06 754 3125

Opening Hours

Mon-Sun  4.45am-10.00pm


Food and Drinks


91 Petrol
95 Petrol

About Us

We've been in the fuel/shop industry for over 27 years and have a very good understanding of your needs. Along with our very good staff have been serving both urban and local communities up to 50k radius of Waitara.

Our 4 Square Store offers a wide range products for both the traveller and local customer shopping with both in-store and weekly specials. Our staff are dedicated and loyal with some having in excess of 5 years service.

Our site has been operating for over 11 years and has been honed to serve a wide range of customer shopping demands. We want you to enjoy your shopping experience with us.

Waitara is a very active community with a wide range of both sporting and cultural interests. Positioned on the Waitara river with beaches nearby it embraces most water and land based sporting activities no matter what age the participants are.

In one way or another we provide sponsorship of a varying nature to all of these activities, both sporting and educational.

Our philosophy towards sponsorship is "we give back to the community what the community has given to us" which is a growing business and employment for 15 staff and their families.

Our major sponsorship goes to the Waitara Soccer Club where Tony coaches a junior team. This year we have also sponsored team members to advanced training programmes.