Challenge was formed in 1998 in an initiative by Fletchers who saw an opportunity in the New Zealand fuel supply industry to create an independent retailer network.  The goal was to create a network that could compete with the big four corporate fuel entities.

With an emphasis on service that is built on the independence and unique nature of our owner-operated stations, and because it is New Zealand owned, Challenge quickly became a force in the industry offering matching fuel services with a local community feel. 

When Fletchers sold the Challenge network to Caltex in 2003, the network remained independent under the Challenge banner.

In 2010 Challenge signed an agreement with fuel distributor Farmlands Fuel (a division of Farmlands Co-operative Society Limited) for it to become the sole supplier of fuel to the Challenge network. The co-operative has a membership of over 60,000 shareholders, most of whom are farmers who can purchase fuel using their card.

With Farmlands as its partner, the Challenge network continues to grow year on year in New Zealand.

The Challenge Brand

Challenge is a brand that stands for Kiwi independence, value for money, down-to-earth service and being genuine with our customers.

The majority of Challenge sites are independently operated by people who aim to provide the warm, personal and friendly service you deserve.