Covid-19 Update - 15 February 2021

On Monday 15 February, Auckland moved to Alert Level 3 and the rest of New Zealand to Alert Level 2 for at least the next 3 days.

It’s business as usual at all our stores, however we understand the importance of good hygiene and cleaning practises for our customers and our teams.

What are we doing to help?

  • Being vigilant and ensuring that our team are following good hand washing, cleaning, and hygiene processes.
  • Frequent cleaning of:
    • fuel pump handles
    • eftpos & fuel pump pin pads
    • cashier desks and other high traffic areas (lolly shelves, ice-cream cabinets, drinks cabinet doors/handles, newspaper shelving, etc)
    • toilet facilities

How can you help?

We also need your support to keep our sites safe.  We ask that you continue to use good handwashing and hygiene processes, as well as good coughing etiquette when you visit our stores.  Please also practise physical distancing on our sites with other customers and with our staff.  We also ask that you refrain from coming on to a Challenge site if you are feeling unwell.

Thanks for your continued support.  Please take care of yourselves and your whānau during this time, and check in on those around you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.